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Masatora Akutsu (阿久津 雅虎, Akutsu Masatora) is a main character in The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil. He is an undercover devil who is under the custody of Lily Amane after he was defeated.


Masatora is a slightly tall young man of average height with black hair, pointed ears and yellow eyes underneath his eye are black marks or tattoos, in episode 4 he is revealed to be quite muscular.

Most of the time He is usually seen wearing his school uniform, Other times he’s dressed in smart casual clothing consisting of a White Shirt with a Black Sweater, Green Jeans with Black Shoes.


Masatora Akutsu carries a heavy duality within him. On the surface, he's an ordinary high school student, juggling academic pressures and social interactions. This facade masks his true identity – the cold and efficient assassin known as Akatsuki.

Driven by an unwavering love for his deceased sister, Masatora made a pact with a mischievous angel, Lily Amane, trading his morals for a chance at her revival. This pact comes at a steep price, forcing him down a path of violence and guilt.

As Akatsuki, Masatora embraces a ruthless persona, efficiently eliminating targets deemed "uninteresting" by the devil. However, this transformation takes a toll, blurring the lines between his two identities. The more he embraces the darkness, the colder and crueler he becomes, constantly battling the internal conflict between his desire for vengeance and the lingering humanity within him.

Despite the darkness he carries, Masatora finds solace in the unexpected friendship with his classmate Amane Suzukawa. Her kindness and genuineness offer a flicker of hope, reminding him of the world he's trying to protect.

Masatora's journey is one of constant struggle, torn between the love for his sister and the destructive path he walks. He embodies the complexity of human nature, where even in the darkest depths, a flicker of light can spark the fight for redemption.


Heaven and Hell are at war with Hell at a disadvantage. The demon Masatora Akutsu goes to Earth undercover as a student planning to recruit charismatic humans to bolster the ranks and raise the morale of Hell. There, he immediately falls in love at first sight with the beautiful Lily Amane and attempts to recruit her. However, she reveals herself to be a sadistic, undercover angel who hunts demons. She defeats him and spares his life, then puts a collar on him that forces him to obey her. While he plots to break free, she plots to use him as a tool to reform Heaven, though as the story progresses, they realize their feelings for each other only grow stronger, much to Lily's embarrassment and frustration.


  • The name Masatora means “ethics, companion” (倫, Masa), “plump, thick, big around” (太, to) and “son” (郎, ).
  • Masatora's surname Akutsu means “mount, hill, knoll” (岡, Aku) and “section, bureau, dept, class, copy, part, portion” (部, tsu).